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For the people, by the people

One community

We are globally connected individuals gathered together in one place to support and contribute to

a visionary blockchain platform featuring a non-profit foundation maintaining assets and projects that are

provably resistant to the Post-Quantum computing advances of tomorrow


The Quantum Resistant Ledger

Blockchain explorer

The portal to view the contents of the QRL blockchain
Live site

QRL Node

Python and Go implementations of the first-of-its kind
Post-Quantum secure blockchain node
Python Github / Go Github
Getting started

Mobile wallet

An iOS and Android wallet to interact
with the QRL blockchain on mobile devices

Hardware wallet integration

Support for Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano X that implements
hardware security for your digital assets

Quantum is real

Quantum Computing research and developments have been accelerating in the last decade

Quantum Physics will usher in a new era of how humans and machines interact with society and each other


Strength by numbers

Decentralization is blockchain technology most strongest feature, install a node to support the Network

Use CPU power (XMRig - RandomX) to get block rewards (Quanta)

Known peers
Current emission
Block reward

Note: Data last updated on 26.11.2022. Live data from QRL API


Hashrate: 0 MH/s , Difficulty: 896237515

Get a post-quantum secure wallet

The QRL wallet application developed by The QRL team

Also you could try one of QRL community contributors light wallet

or the NEW mobile version by Volt Development

Community projects

The QRL contributors developments

Spread the awareness

Start a qrl-node on cloud, wear a hoodie w/ the QRL logo

Support One's endeavour to rise awareness

Lapel pins

$5 /pcs

  • Color: gold
  • Lightweight material
Buy now

Physical Coins

$8 /pcs

  • Serialized emission
  • Color: antique-gold
  • Quality machined
  • Dimension: 1.5"
  • NFTs (coming soon)
  • Temporarily Out of Stock
Buy now

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Coming soon

Markets: Exchanges + Discord (p2p trade, OTC)

The places to find Quanta (QRL digital asset)


Some answers to the questions people ask about the Quantum Resistant Ledger

What is Quantum Resistant Ledger?

The QRL Foundation has designed a powerfull blockchain platform that is secured from genesis by XMSS (NIST-approved post-quantum secure digital signature scheme)

What is Quanta?

The QRL works just like any other blockchain technology and a digital asset is at the core of these technology advancements. Quanta is the QRL's digital asset

Where can i get Quanta?

One way to acquire Quanta is by Exchanges. Alternatively QRL contributors provide also p2p trades & OTC

Got a minute? Join QRL on #discord, it's free!